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Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in India. It is a permanent solution for those who are suffering from prolonged knee pain and related. Many studies and survey reports suggest Total knee replacement provides symptomatic improvement from knee pain exceeding 90% with a long-term failure rate of <1% per year. 

Total knee replacement is proved to be the most successful and effective surgical option for patients suffering from severe knee pain or osteoarthritis.

The success factor for total knee replacement surgery is measured from both surgeon’s and the patient’s perspective.

The surgeon’s perspective for total knee replacement surgery involves:

  1. Implant survivorship
  2. Postoperative range of motion (ROM)
  3. Radiographic improvement

Whereas primary factors influencing patient satisfaction involves:

  1. Patients’ expectations
  2. Pain relief
  3. Functional improvement
  4. Physical function
  5. Mental health

Some other factors that determine the success rate of total knee replacement surgery involve:

Age: Patients over 60 years were found to be more satisfied with the outcome of total knee arthroplasty when compared to younger patients.

Gender: Female patients are more likely to suffer from knee and joint problems and they have been found to have symptomatic relief from the residual pain and joint stiffness after undergoing knee replacement surgery.

However, there is not much data established that determine gender to be a predictive factor for patient satisfaction.

Patient’s expectations

Patients after undergoing a total knee surgery experience symptom-free function in the long-term and improved quality of life.  

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