Joint replacement surgery, or arthroplasty is a procedure performed by orthopedic surgeon where part of the joint or all the damaged joint is replaced with artificial implants. The surgery can provide relief and improve mobility in the patient suffering from advanced arthritis or a damage due to injury.

During the surgery:

During the procedure, the orthopedic surgeon may remove the damaged cartilage and bone and replace it with prosthetic components that are made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. The prosthesis used mimics the shape and movement of a natural joint, therefore providing relief from the pain.

After the procedure:

The procedure usually takes around few hours to be completed, after which the patient is moved into a hospital room, for 2-3 days or more depending on the patient condition. 

Joint replacement surgery

Success rate:

Recent survey reports suggested that the success rate of joint replacement surgery is around 85-90 percent for approximately 10-15 years. After which in case of any issues with the implant your doctor may recommend revision surgery.

Types of joint Replacement surgeries:

There are different types of joint replacement surgeries:

  1. Knee replacement surgery
  2. Hip Replacement Surgery
  3. Total Joint replacement surgery
  4. Shoulder replacement surgery
  5. Joint preservation

Joint replacement surgery cost

Cure My Knee offers cost-effective joint replacement surgery in India. Below mentioned table enlists the approximate cost of various joint replacement surgeries performed at Cure My Knee.

Type of Surgery Approx. cost
Unilateral Total Knee Replacement
1.29 lakhs + Implant cost
Bilateral Total Knee Replacement
2.29 lakhs + Implant cost
Unilateral Total Hip Replacement
1 lakh + Implant cost
Bilateral Total Hip Replacement
1.8 lakhs + Implant cost
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