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Best Physiotherapy Clinic Near Me in South Delhi, South Extension

Best Physiotherapy Clinic Near Me in South Delhi, South Extension

Best Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi - Every person whether an athlete, a daily walker or an employee having a long working hour job, experiences knee pain at some point in their life. This pain can occur anywhere in your back, knee, shoulder, or neck. The pain can be treated with various methods. One such method is Physiotherapy. It is one of the solutions that can ease your pain and helps you restore your mobility. To connect with a physiotherapist, Immediately search for a physiotherapy clinic near me and get assistance from the best physiotherapy clinic.

Physiotherapy will help in easing your pain and providing mobility to your joints after or before your surgery. If you are someone who is experiencing bone, joints, knee, shoulder, backbone, neck, or similar kinds of pain for a long time, then contact Cure My Knee. We provide you with the best physiotherapist at-home service at a cost-effective price.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is defined as the treatment of injuries, illnesses, or disorders through movement, exercise, manual therapy, and advice that helps to restore and maintain mobility, reduces pain, and maximizes strength. It helps you in achieving fitness and general wellness, which will keep you active and healthy for an extended period of time.

Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who are well-trained in performing therapy in a physiotherapy clinic. Basically, Physiotherapists identify and treat the symptoms of different types of pain, injuries, illnesses, or disorders with the help of manual therapy, massaging, or exercises. Finding a good physiotherapy clinic is not that difficult. Just search for the best physiotherapy centre near me and get yourself treated with the best physiotherapist.

Why is Physiotherapy Necessary?

Nowadays people are behaving ignorantly towards health due to their daily work routine. This hectic routine results in many mild to severe problems. They experience pain in different parts of their body. This pain is the reason you need to visit a doctor. Your doctor may suggest Physiotherapy depending upon the severity of your pain. Previously, physiotherapy was suggested to treat injured athletes, but now physiotherapy is suggested for treating many problems. It is now used to treat cardiorespiratory and neurological problems also.
Here are 6 reasons why it is necessary to visit a Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi:

  • Reduce pain:

    Manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises help to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function.

  • Manage ortho-related problems:

    If you are facing problems in standing, walking, moving, or doing daily life activities due to your damaged bones and joints, physiotherapy can help. Exercises for flexibility and strength might help to regain your mobility.

  • Manage Age Related issues:

    Old age can result in several bone and joint-related problems. As people get older, they may get osteoporosis, arthritis, or osteopenia. These diseases and disorders cause a sharp decline in bone health due to which the patient is prone to falling or fractures. Physiotherapy helps in managing this pain caused by osteoporosis or arthritis. It helps a patient maintain strong bones and improves mobility. It also helps a patient recover faster after undergoing joint replacement surgery.

  • Manage Heart Disease:

    After a Heart Attack or Heart operation, patients undergo Cardiac Rehabilitation due to which the daily activities of some patient gets affected. Doctors advise such patients to take additional physiotherapy which includes many exercises and manual therapy. Physiotherapy helps the patient to relax the muscles around the Heart.

  • Manage Lungs Disease:

    Physiotherapy can help patients with pulmonary problems. Pulmonary problems include swelling, inflammation, asthma and lung infection. All these lung diseases or pulmonary problems can be improved with the help of physiotherapy. Strengthening, stimulation, and breathing exercises are some of the ways that help in relaxing muscles around the lungs. Physiotherapy also helps in clearing fluid inside the lungs.

  • Treatment of other conditions:

    Women experience a lot of pain in their lower abdomen and spine during their pregnancy period. Physiotherapy helps to relieve this pain caused due to pregnancy. Bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, pelvic discomfort, and urinary incontinence are additional conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy.

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Why Prefer Physiotherapy?

It is necessary to be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of treatment before beginning it, so let us know why physiotherapy is preferred:

  • No side effects:

    The first thing we do while experiencing any kind of pain is consume painkillers. But only a few people know that painkillers are harmful to our health if taken under excess conditions. Always take your doctor's advice before consuming any painkillers or medicines.

    There is very little chance of any side effects with physiotherapy as it does not contain any medication and instead, includes physical activities.

  • Home Services:

    People are now very busy in their lives. They don't have enough time to take care of their health. They want everything on their doorstep. Physiotherapy is available according to your schedule. You can contact the best physiotherapy near me and can book an appointment for home service also. You can also go for best physiotherapy clinic near me which is near to your location.

  • Improves mobility and balance:

    Recovering from an injury or surgery may take some time for an individual to stand upright again. Getting up from bed and walking becomes an impossible task. For this, physiotherapy can be of huge assistance. It gives the body the mobility it needs, to move around securely while also assisting the body in regaining muscle strength and improving coordination.

  • Avoid Surgery:

    Many people develop a fear of surgery and do not prefer surgery. Physiotherapy can help in avoiding surgery by managing the problem and healing in starting stage. Physiotherapy is also suggested before and after the surgery to lessen the risks that occur during the surgery. before planning for surgery, always consult your doctor. However, there are some specific conditions where surgery is the last option.

What Conditions are Treated in Physiotherapy?

If you or your close ones experience any kind of sprain, injury, or muscular disorder; physiotherapy can help you cure your problem and put you back on track with fast recovery. If you face any of the below-mentioned conditions, you can contact the best physiotherapy clinic near me and get treatment for your problem.

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Joint Pain

Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Degenerative joints, Age-related ailments, Poorly aligned joints, Joint instability, and Bursitis.

Joint Injuries

Dislocated joints, Torn Cartilage, Degenerated meniscus, Joint hypermobility, Sprains & Strains in Ankle, Knees, Elbows, Shoulder, Wrist, etc.

Recovery from Surgery

Hip replacement surgery, Knee replacement surgery, Ligament surgery, Reconstructive surgery, Arthroscopy, Tendon surgery, and Spinal Cord Surgery.

Posture Problem

Lower back pain, Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Muscle imbalance, and Scapular instability.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, Whiplash, Back & Neck strain, Tendinitis, Rotator Cuff Injuries.

Bruising or Swelling

Swollen Joints, Muscle inflammation, Lymphedema, Bruising following sports, or any other related injury.

Cardiovascular Problems

Chronic Heart disease, Rehabilitation after Heart-attack.

Respiratory Problems

Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Neurological Problems

Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Spinal Cord injuries.

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Best Physiotherapist in Delhi

What are the Techniques Used in Physiotherapy?

There are many techniques used by a physiotherapist to treat several problems of patients. The physiotherapists generally analyze the cause of the problem and depending on the type of injury they will apply different techniques to relieve your pain. Some of the most important physiotherapy methods include:

  • Manual Movement:
    Manual movement way of physiotherapy is done by moving your joints and soft tissues. This movement will help the patient in improving their body's blood circulation by draining the extra fluid out of the body. This method helps in relaxing muscle spasms and reducing inflammation.
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation:
    Electrical nerve stimulation is done by inducing small electric currents to the damaged part of the body. This method of physiotherapy helps to block the pain signals in the brain.
  • Demonstration:
    In this, physiotherapists teach the patients appropriate movement techniques depending on their problem. This helps the patients to heal themselves by performing the same exercises and postures as suggested by their doctor.
  • Device Provision:
    Prescription, adaptive, supportive, and protective devices and equipment are provided in this type of physiotherapy.

Why Choose Us?

Cure My Knee provides personalized care plans based on patient's unique needs and suffering from any kind of bone and joint pain. Best physiotherapy clinic near me or Get the best physiotherapy treatment from specialized physiotherapists for all conditions. We provide post-surgery physiotherapy, consultation, and care starting with manual treatment along with the latest technology and equipment.

Cure My Knee provides the best physiotherapy treatment with the help of the latest machine technology at an affordable cost by our professional physiotherapists in Delhi, India. CMK has skilled physiotherapists who provide appropriate treatment for problems including knee, back, hip, and shoulder pain.

Best Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi, Delhi

Physiotherapy Center Near Me - We provides both male and female physiotherapy specialist. If you are looking for the best lady physiotherapist near me, Cure My Knee has the solution for you. You can call us for getting an appointment with an experienced lady physiotherapist dealing with a range of health issues.

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Physiotherapy FAQs

What problems do physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists can treat many problems. This may include:
  • Lower and upper back pain, muscle stiffness, and shoulder tightness caused due to wrong postures.
  • Joint pain caused by osteoporosis, arthritis, old age
  • Post-Surgery recovery like Knee replacement surgery, hip replacement, spinal cord surgery, ligament surgery
  • Inflammation
  • Pregnancy-related pain in muscles & joints, respiratory & neurological problems

What does a physiotherapist do?

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who are well-trained in performing physiotherapy. They help people restore their functional ability and movement. They can help ease your pain in many conditions and injuries like back pain, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, etc. with the help of manual therapy, massaging, or exercises.

How do I know when to consult physiotherapists?

There are many reasons why you must visit a physiotherapist like:

  • When your pain is severe and it is difficult for you to move.
  • After surgery, moving and walking are an important part of the healing process and physiotherapy helps in this recovery.
  • In any major health problems like heart attack, brain injury, stroke
  • After a prolonged illness that impacts mobility and balance

What is the Cost of Consulting a Physiotherapist?

The charge of a physiotherapist depends upon many factors such as the sessions of physiotherapy you are advised to take, the type of physiotherapy you are suggested, and the technique or method used in your physiotherapy. So, the cost can range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 depending on all these factors.

Do physiotherapists take fees for each session they conduct?

Some physiotherapists may charge for each session whereas some physiotherapists will charge only once for the total number of sessions.

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a doctor?

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who give physical therapy for pain, illness, or disorders, with the help of manual therapy or exercises and help to maximize movement & relieve pain.

A doctor is a professional who prescribes medicines after diagnosing a disease or injury and helps in restoring the health of patients.

Can a physiotherapist do surgery?

No, a physiotherapist cannot perform surgery but they play a major role in pre and post- operative phases of surgery for tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints, and many other surgeries and procedures.

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