Childhood life is the best phase in one’s life. It's time to have fun and experiment with different things. With all its wonderful moments, childhood also presents a number of health risks because children's immune system are still developing. Some of these diseases especially affect the bone & joints of children. Parents must never ignore their children’s health and must consult a good doctor by searching for the best pediatric orthopedic near me on the internet.

There isn't much we can do to prevent the other mild infections because they are a normal phase of growing up. But parents can be guided and their worries can be allayed if they have a basic understanding of the common health issues that kids confront. Here in this blog, we'll look after a few common pediatric orthopedic health issues.

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What is Pediatrics?

The pediatric word is made from two Greek words that are: ‘pais’ which means child and ‘iatros’ means healer or physician. The branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults until the age of 18 is known as Pediatrics. It involves dealing with the development, care, and treatment of disease.

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Who are Pediatric Orthopedic Doctors?

A Pediatrician or Pediatric Doctor is a medical professional who focuses on treating illnesses of babies, kids, teenagers, and young adults. Pediatric care can start before pregnancy and can continue till 18 years of age. A pediatrician oversees the physical, psychological, and emotional health of the kids at every stage of development.

When a pediatrician especially treats the problems related to musculoskeletal that is bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and other tissues in a child, they are known as Pediatric Orthopedic Doctors.

Dr. D.K Das is a senior orthopedic surgeon in Delhi, India who can diagnose, treat and manage issues related to bones & joints in children. He can treat different conditions related to orthopedics. For children specifically, he can treat deformities like scoliosis, clubfoot, knock knees, gait abnormalities, limb length, and infection in bones.

If your child is suffering from any bone, joint or muscle-related issue, consult Dr. D.K Das to seek the best pediatric orthopedic treatment near you for your child.

What Types of Treatments Do Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Provides?

Children are prone to different severe problems when compared to adults. This happens because the children are still in the growing phase and their immune system are developing. The immune response of a child to an injury, infection, or deformity is different from that of a fully-grown person. Let’s discuss the different pediatric orthopedic conditions, diagnoses, and treatments in brief.


Meaning: Scoliosis occurs when a child’s spine has a curve or bend on either side of the body.

Symptoms: Unequal hip and shoulder levels, an imbalance in limb length, a lump on each side of the body, and limp while walking.

Treatment: Small scoliosis curvature doesn’t need to be treated. For children with bigger curves are advised with a brace or surgery to regain normal posture.

Scoliosis Teartment in Delhi

Clubfoot Deformities

Meaning: Clubfoot refers to a variety of foot abnormalities that is present during birth where your baby's foot is twisted out of shape or position. The tendons that link the muscles to the bone are shorter than normal in people with clubfoot.

Symptoms: The foot is turned inwards, the child may wobble when they walk, and sometimes the affected leg can appear shorter than the unaffected leg.

Treatment: Early on, the pediatric orthopedist will choose non-surgical treatments like stretching, casting, and bracing. Following the failure of non-surgical techniques to address the deformity, the orthopedist will recommend surgical options.

Clubfoot Deformities Treatment in Delhi

Bowed Legs and knock knees

Meaning: Bowlegs is when the knees are bent outwards and when the ankles are stuck together. Whereas, when the ankles are farther apart and the knees are together, the deformity is known as knock-knee.

Symptoms: In bowed legs, the knees of your child won’t come together when they are standing aligning both ankles. In Knock Knees, the knees touch each other even when the ankles are far apart from one another.

Treatment: To stop additional injury to the shinbone region, a brace is recommended. In the case of other problems such as rickets, the kid may require surgery.

Chlid Bowed Legs and Knock Knees Treatment in Delhi

Hip Dysplasia

Meaning: The disease hip dysplasia refers to a hip socket that does not completely enclose the upper thighbone's ball. This makes it possible for the hip joint to dislocate partially or entirely.

Symptoms: Pain in the hip area, limping, loss of motion, difficulty in sleeping on the hip.

Treatment: Infants are usually treated with casting or soft braces.

Hip Dysplasia Treatment in Delhi

Cerebral Palsy

Meaning: Children with cerebral palsy are unable to control their muscle coordination and movement. Damage to the parts of the brain that regulate movement and coordination leads to cerebral palsy.

Symptoms: Difficulty in walking, movement, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination, learning disability, and speech delay.

Treatments: Primary treatment options include medication, therapy & lifestyle changes whereas if the medicines don’t work doctor recommends surgery.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Delhi


Meaning: Children who have syndactyly are born with fused or webbed fingers, especially the middle finger and ring finger are fused with each other.

Symptoms: Fused fingers

Treatment: The child's first two years are spent having the syndactyly surgery done. It entails reconstruction utilizing expertly crafted flaps along with skin grafts.

Syndactyly Treatment in Delhi

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What to Expect During a Pediatric Orthopedic Visit?

Children always need special care and treatment. They can't always explain what's hurting them. They face a lot of trouble in responding to the doctors and behave impatiently while they are examined. Some children even might face fear or anxiety just from being in a medical facility or hospital. There is further examination done when you visit the best pediatric orthopedic doctor near me. It includes:

Medical Evaluation:

Parents or guardians might anticipate helping and guiding their children by answering a few questions the doctors ask. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon may commonly ask some general questions related to the child’s age, height, weight, development, and family history along with the type of symptoms and severity the child is facing.

Physical examination:

We all know, we can’t expect a toddler to respond to questions a doctor asks but a teenager can explain what they are experiencing. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon frequently comes up with different creative methods to examine young children such as watching them play, run, write, or handle objects.


Depending on the type and severity of the disease, a doctor may ask for several different types of tests which include:

  • X-rays, CT scan, MRI, or Ultrasound
  • Pathological tests

After a diagnosis is done, the pediatric orthopedist will examine the reports and make recommendations for different types of treatment.


Casting and bracing are common surgical procedures that a pediatric orthopedic surgeon is well-versed in. Children's fractures are frequently treatable without surgery and can be treated with medications and casting.

When surgery is needed for some disease such as limb length differences or deformity, a pediatric surgeon with specialized training in implants and techniques specific to the children, can treat them with utmost care.

Where Can I Find a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon?

Pediatric orthopedists are very skilled in dealing with children and their musculoskeletal issues. They also have extensive and thorough training. They can treat a wide range of problems related to bones & joints. Search for a pediatric orthopedic doctor near me and get consulted.

Children who suffer from bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, or any other deformity for a long time can search for a Pediatric Orthopedic doctor near me and get treated for different problems. Cure My Knee has highly experienced orthopedic surgeons empaneled with us who give the best treatment plan according to the symptom of a disease.

At Cure My Knee, we ensure that your child is at ease, at home, and comfortable. Our patient care team is expertise in speaking with your child and interacting with them in a respectful and caring manner.