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Knock Knee Surgery Cost in India

Today we are going to discuss one such problem in children that occurs due to deformity in their knees. In this blog, we will know about knock knees and the knock knees surgery cost in India, symptoms of knock knees, and treatment methods.

Childhood life is the best phase in one's life. It's time to have fun and experiment with different things. But some children may face severe injuries and diseases during this period. Children are more prone to diseases because their immune systems are still developing. But these diseases can be cured if diagnosed on time.

Parents must contact their nearest doctor if they see any symptoms of disease in their children related to any health issue. Timely diagnosis and treatment are the best solutions a child needs during their growing phase.

Type of Surgery Cost of Surgery
Knee Osteotomy₹1,20,000 - ₹1,80,000
Guided Growth Surgery₹1,00,000 - ₹1,50,000

What is the Knock Knee Surgery Cost in India?

India has become a significant location for medical tourism. The knock knee surgery cost in india is affordable and more accessible to the general public. The Knock knee surgery cost in India starts from ₹1,00,000 and goes up to ₹3,00,000 . But this amount varies depending upon various factors.

Factors that affect the Knock knee surgery cost are -

  • Severity of the deformity in legs
  • Type of surgery (Osteotomy or Guided growth surgery)
  • Number of implants, type of implant and brand of the implant
  • The type of hospital chosen
  • Previous medical condition of the child

Cost of Different Types of Knock Knee Surgery

1. Knee Osteotomy - When the surgery is performed either on the femur (thigh bone) or on the tibia (shin bone) instead of the patella, it is known as Knee Osteotomy. In this surgery, the wedge of bone (either femur or tibia) is cut and replaced by grafts which are fixed with a plate and screws to the bones.

The cost of osteotomy for knock knee surgery in India is approximately ₹1,20,000 to ₹1,80,000 which can vary depending on several factors such as the type of graft, cost of graft, patient condition and many more.

2. Guided Growth Knee Surgery - When the surgery is guided by a grafted plate inside the knee it is known as guided growth surgery. In this surgery, a plate is attached to the inner side of the femur (thigh bone) which prevents the growth of the bone on the inner side and helps in straightening the bone.

The cost of guided growth knee surgery in India is approximately ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,50,000 which can vary depending on several factors such as the duration of the correction, the condition of the patient, the type of deformity, etc.

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Is Knock Knee Surgery covered by insurance?

Yes, some companies provide collaboration with hospitals that covers the cost of knock knee surgery. Different policies have different coverage costs. This insurance covers the cost of surgery, in-hospital treatment, and post-operative care.

We at Cure My Knee accept every kind of insurance and we also provide no—cost EMI to our patients for their knock knee surgery. You can check with your insurance provider before the surgery to know the cost covered by the insurance. You can also contact us to know more about the insurance we provide and the cost of the knock knee surgery.

What is Knock Knee?

Knock Knee (Genu Valgum) is a condition in which the knees tilt inward and touch or 'knock' against one another, even when the ankles are spaced apart. Knock Knees that last longer than six years can affect the length of the leg and height of the children.

Knock knees are common and temporary that occur in the developmental stage of children and get self-corrected by 7 or 8 years of age. Deformity in the knees which is still observed after the age of 7 is considered a sign of knock knee syndrome. Knock Knees are caused by illness, infection, disease, heredity, or other conditions.

Knock Knee image

What is Bowlegs?

Bowlegs (Genu Varum) is generally the initial stage of deformity in children which is mostly seen in infants and toddlers. The condition occurs when the legs are curved outwards or are bowed at the knee while the feet and ankles touch each other.

Bowlegs are rarely serious and normally disappear without treatment when the child grows up to 4-5 years old. Bowlegs is generally seen if the child is obese or starts walking at an early stage in life or it can be due to some injury or disorder.

Bowlegs image

What are the Causes of Knock Knee?

While knock knees are a normal part of growth but there are several other reasons such as diseases, illness, infections, or injury that causes knock knees in children. Some common causes include:

  • Skeletal Dysplasia, a genetic disorder that creates a problem in children's growth and development by affecting their bones & joints.
  • Rickets, a metabolic disorder that is caused by lack of Vitamin D and Calcium and affects bone development in children.
  • An injury or fracture in the tibia or femur due to which one knee may tilt inward
  • Additionally, being overweight or obese can also cause pressure on the knees which can result in knock knee

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What are the symptoms of Knock Knee?

As the children start walking, they tilt their feet a little bit inwards to manage their balance which is a normal part of their growth but sometimes as they grow older, one or both of the ankles roll outward, and their knees 'knock' against one another. Some other symptoms of Knock Knee are:

  • Unusual Walking Pattern
  • Children might complain of the knee, hip, and foot pain
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Short height of kid for their age
  • Stiff or sore joints
  • Progressive knee arthritis in adults
  • Knock knees in adults can result in many problems such as knee pain, knee instability, and arthritis.

How Diagnosis of Knock Knee is done?

The orthopedic surgeon can examine the children and can look after their family medical history or any pre-existing conditions before or after birth. The orthopedic surgeon can also ask the child to walk to observe the walking pattern and may ask some general questions related to the child's age, weight, development, and family history.

X-rays are done for diagnosis to confirm Knock Knee. The X-ray will help the surgeon to know the extent of the deformity and the location of the deformity. The X-ray is only suggested for children who are above 7 years old and not for infants or toddlers as knock knee is a part of their growth.

  • Cost of Diagnosis Tests - The cost of an X-ray in Delhi is approximately ₹600 to ₹800 which depends on several other factors.

What are the Treatment Methods for Knock Knee?

Children always need special care and treatments. They face a lot of trouble while responding to the doctor's questions while they are examined. If your child shows any symptoms of Knock Knee, consult the best orthopedic surgeon near your location and know the different treatment methods and knock knee surgery cost for your child.

Children who have knock knees typically don't require medical attention. For kids between the ages of 2 and 5 are kept under close observation. By the time children age 7, most of them recover from knock knees.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Knock Knee

The Surgeon will first evaluate whether the knock knees in your child are a part of some underlying condition such as rickets or skeletal dysplasia. If so, the treatment will be provided accordingly. Your child may be suggested to take some Vitamin D & Calcium supplements to treat cases of rickets.

Braces and orthopedic bands are suggested for children or teenagers with mild-knock knees to promote bone growth. But in general, it has been observed that braces are not always helpful in knock knees. Surgery might be suggested if braces won't help.

Exercises and weight loss are suggested if your child is above 7 years old and still has knock knees. Adults who are obese and have knock knees are also suggested with physical therapy, exercises along with braces, and orthopedic cushions.

Surgical Treatment of Knock Knee

Children with severe knock knees and above 8 years old are suggested with minimal incision surgery to realign their knees. The surgery can be done in two ways according to the deformity of the knees and its severity. Osteotomy, in which the femur is cut and realigned or by the use of an external fixator (guided growth surgery). After the surgery, other orthopedic treatments are suggested such as physiotherapy, food supplements, or braces.

Note: For most of the children, knock knees are a normal part of growing up. The surgery is rarely recommended. Consult your orthopedic doctor to know about the deformity of your child's knee.

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Why Cure My Knee is the best for Knock Knee Surgery?

Cure My Knee is a next-generation healthcare system that aims to simplify the patient's entire surgical journey by offering care and assistance at each step. Cure My knee has highly experienced orthopedic surgeons empaneled with us who give the best treatment plan according to the symptom of a disease. Cure My Knee provides the most affordable knock knee surgery cost under your budget.

Some of the benefits you can get for your child's Knock Knee surgery at Cure My Knee is:

  • 24*7 online consultation booking
  • Expert doctor's consultation
  • Free pick up and drop service
  • Children-friendly environment
  • Surgery with the latest technology under experienced surgeons
  • Post-surgery physiotherapy, consultation and care
  • Zero-interest payment option

We ensure that your child is at ease and comfortable during the visit and our patient care team is expertise in interacting with your children. If your child is experiencing any deformity in bones and joints, Cure My Knee is the solution.

We aim to assist patients in leading independent lives from orthopedic problems, regardless of whether they are infants, children, or adolescents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can knock knees be fixed without surgery?

Yes, most of the time knock knees get resolved before a child reaches adolescence. If the knock knees are caused due to metabolic disorder like Rickets, it can be treated with Vitamin D and Calcium supplements.

Does insurance cover knock knee surgery?

Yes, knock knees surgery costs can be covered under a health insurance plan. It depends upon the hospital and the bank you had your insurance.

Is it normal to have knock knees?

Yes, knock knees is a normal part of growth and development in infants and toddlers but it is a serious issue if the knock knees still persist even when the children are above 7 years of age.

Is knock knees genetic?

Yes, Knock Knee can be genetic also, as some knee deformities are passed on from the ancestors to the children.

How can I test my knock knees at home?

For testing Knock knees at home. Stand on the floor forming a 'V' shape with your legs. If your knees still touch each other even after forming a 'V' shape, there are some chances that you have knock knees.

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