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knee replacement surgery cost in kolkata

Knee Replacement Cost in Kolkata

Knee pain is the most common and lingering bone issue trending with all age groups. Ultimately with growing pain, the only treatment left or advised by a specialist is knee replacement. You need both mental acceptance and affordable surgery cost by the best orthopedic surgeon. So to know the knee replacement cost in Kolkata, no need to look further.

We are there for all the help you need! Further in this blog, a thorough explanation is shared about the total knee replacement surgery cost in Kolkata. We would also guide you to understand how each patient’s surgery may differ according to their knee issue. It is said that total knee replacement is the most common surgical procedure in the nation. And is also a permanent solution for prolonged knee pain and issues.

Knee Replacement Cost /Package in Kolkata

Minimum Maximum
Unilateral 1,80,000 + Implants2,20,000 + Implants
Bilateral 3,00,000 + Implants 5,00,000 + Implants

Note:-Implant cost does not include in this price list. Implants cost depends on the type & company. The budget can be finalized after consulting an orthopedic surgeon and the treatment plan.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Kolkata

Knee replacement surgery is an elective surgery in the country and the cost continuously varies according to the patient’s condition and also the type of hospital they select. Let us now explore more deeply into few relevant factors that affect the cost:

  • Hospital - the cost would always differ according to the hospital chosen by the patient, for example, if they are going for a 50 bedded or a 200 bedded, or a deluxe private hospital.
  • Type Of Admission Room - every patient has their choice of going for an economical admission room or for the better luxury they would choose a private room. So the cost would be different in both cases.
  • Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery - the cost also would differ on the type of knee replacement surgery needed. Namely, they are;
    • Total knee replacement (TKR)
    • Partial knee replacement (PKR)
    • Unilateral knee Replacement
    • Bilateral knee replacement
    • Revision knee replacement
  • Company of Implant and its type - the cost of the replacement also gets affected by the company of the implants used and their type. As each company has its own pricing, with a durability guarantee and different types of implants.
  • Previous Medical Condition of the Patient - the previous condition of the patient would decide on the cost of the replacement surgery if any old complications were diagnosed then it would be high.
  • The City Chosen for Surgery - of course, the cost would also be influenced by the city chosen for surgery as each city has its own cost of living.

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Knee Replacement Surgery - Its Essence and Need

Knee replacement surgery is advised to patients when their knee joint gets injured, worns out, or faces some old issue unresolved. Let's explore on few of its essence;

  • Advanced rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, post-traumatic arthritis, or a congenital knee deformity are a few of them.
  • Surgery may also be done for chronic knee pain that does not respond to conservative treatment, severe joint stiffness, loss of mobility, and a decreased quality of life.
  • The main reason for the surgery is to provide relief from pain, restore joint function, and improve overall knee functionality.

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Also, we would guide you to understand the cost of the diagnostic tests and both knee replacement surgery in Kolkata. Also, we would help you with information on post-surgery recovery and which hospital to choose.

Patient Satisfaction Post-Surgery - Factors

Several factors can have an impact on patient satisfaction following knee replacement surgery. These are;

  • Pain management: Effective pain relief following surgery is critical for patient satisfaction.
  • Functional improvement: Patients might expect better mobility and the ability to conduct daily tasks including walking, climbing stairs, and bending the knee.
  • Surgical outcomes: Patient satisfaction is also influenced by successful surgery outcomes, such as appropriate knee joint alignment and minimum sequelae.
  • Rehabilitation and recovery: Adequate assistance and supervision are required for patients to restore strength and function during rehabilitation.
  • Clear and effective communication: Between the surgeon and the patient communication is essential. For example, realistic expectations and full pre-operative and post-operative conversations can improve satisfaction.
  • Psychological well-being: Emotional support, psychological adjustment, and a positive mentality can all substantially impact a patient's contentment with the surgery and recovery process.

Knee Replacement Surgery - Recovery Steps

Recommended recovery steps by the orthopedic doctor would be a good diet with supplements, physiotherapy, and the advised medicines. Following that, they will also recommend some preventive measures you should take in order to recover 100% from knee replacement surgery.

A patient can start walking the next day just after the surgery with proper support and a walker. Within the coming 10 days they can walk without support or a walker, which can vary with each patient. In the further 10 days, they can climb up and down the stairs with help and follow the given precautions. And finally, in the coming 30 days after surgery, they can also drive following the safety rules and maintaining the health precautions advised by the specialist.

Cure My Knee enables patients to recover speedily and effectively. A few of our surgeon’s recommended healing steps following knee replacement surgery include;

  • Physiotherapy: Regular physiotherapy sessions would help in increase of knee flexibility, strength, and better mobility.
  • Managing Pain: It is simply to control the sustaining pain by sticking to the prescribed medication regime in order to diminish suffering and fasten the recovery process.
  • Incision care: Incision care is to keep the surgical incision clean and dry, as directed by the healthcare provider.
  • Gradual weight-bearing: Increase weight-bearing on the operated limb gradually as directed by the surgeon or physical therapist.
  • Exercise on a regular basis: Performing recommended exercises and adhering to an exercise program to strengthen the knee and surrounding muscles.
  • Follow-up appointments: Visiting the surgeon on a regular basis to check progress and handle any concerns or issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is knee replacement surgery painful?

Patients are sedated throughout knee replacement surgery, so they do not feel any discomfort or pain. However, there will be some discomfort throughout the initial phases of rehabilitation following the procedure. Pain management strategies, such as medication and physical therapy, are used to reduce pain and ensure a faster recovery.

What is the recovery time for knee replacement surgery?

It usually takes 4 to 10 weeks to restore mobility and functionality. The rehabilitation procedure, which includes physiotherapy and exercises, is critical to the speed and success of recovery.

How long must the patient stay in the hospital after knee replacement surgery?

Generally, post-surgery the patient would need at least one to four days for total recovery. Also, proper medication and doctor consultations would also decide on the time frame.

Risks associated with knee replacement surgery are?

Knee replacement surgery, like any other medical operation, carries risks. Infection, blood clots, joint stiffness or instability, and allergic reactions to anesthetic or implant materials are all potential complications. These risks, however, are extremely rare, and the orthopedic team works hard to reduce them by strictly regulating them. Do consult the orthopedic doctor before starting the treatment

Is knee replacement surgery covered by insurance in Kolkata?

Most of the health Insurance provider companies cover the entire surgery cost of knee replacement surgery in Kolkata. It may vary depending on the specific insurance plan and policy. It is necessary to verify with your insurance provider about the terms & conditions of the policy. The kind of insurance plan, policy terms, pre-existing conditions, and medical necessity can all affect insurance coverage.

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