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List of Top 10 Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in South Delhi

List of Top 10 Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in South Delhi, CR Park

Are you looking for a best knee specialist in South Delhi but you don't find a way to consult with the doctors directly? We are here to help. You can directly connect with the top knee replacement surgeon in South Delhi. We are one call away from you. Knee surgery can be a long-term solution to joint pain and improving knee mobility. Get your treatment at affordable price by the best knee surgeon in South Delhi.

Dr. D. K Das Pic - Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in south Delhi
  • Dr. D. K Das - Knee Replacement Surgeon

  • 21+ Yrs. Experience
  • Education: M. B. B. S M. S (Ortho) M. Ch (Ortho) FIJRS (United Kingdom, Germany)
  • Location: South Delhi
  • Dr. D. K. Das is the best knee replacement surgeon in South Delhi and a well-experienced surgeon having 21+ years of experience in treating patients with bone and joints problem. With an aim to cure every patient of the knee and joint problems, he has started Cure My Knee. He has treated more than 1000+ patients from all over India and worldwide. His area of expertise is in treating bone and joint deformities.
Dr. Pradeep Sharma Pic - Knee Surgeon
  • Dr. Pradeep Sharma - Knee Replacement Surgeon

  • 37 Yrs. Experience
  • Education: M. B. B. S M. S (Ortho) M. Ch (Ortho)
  • Location: South Delhi
  • Dr. Pradeep Sharma is a well-known knee replacement surgeon having more than 37 years of experience. He treats various problems related to bones and joints. He has gained major experience in treating patients with joint replacements, trauma and arthroscopy. His area of specialty is joint replacement surgery of hip and knee.
Dr. P. S. Gill Pic - Knee Replacement Surgeon
  • Dr. P. S. Gill - Knee Replacement Surgeon

  • 28 Yrs. Experience
  • Education: M. B. B. S M. S (Ortho)
  • Location: South Delhi
  • Dr. P S Gill is a trauma & joint replacement surgeon in South Delhi. He has more than 28 years of experience in treating patients suffering from knee and joint problems. He can perform arthroscopic surgery for knee and hip fractures or injuries. He can also treat several problems related to the shoulder, wrist, elbow, and hand.
 Dr. Kamal Dureja Picture
  • Dr. Kamal Dureja - Knee Replacement Surgeon

  • 32 Yrs. Experience
  • Education: M. B. B. S M. S (Ortho)
  • Location: North Delhi & South Delhi
  • Dr. Kamal Dureja has 32 years of experience in knee replacement surgery with expertise in Foot and Ankle Surgeries. He has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in the field of orthopedics. He also performs arthroscopy surgery on the knee, ankle, and hip fractures.

Why Go for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Undergoing knee replacement surgery is very necessary when you are experiencing intense knee pain that reoccurs in your knee joint every time you go walking, climbing stairs, or running. There are several other reasons why knee replacement surgery is obligatory –

  • Inability to walk or stand for a longer time
  • Continuous pain in the knee joint
  • Swollen and stiff knee joint
  • Deformities appearing inside or outside of the joints
  • Medicines, injections and physiotherapy are not helpful
  • Inability to perform daily life work
  • Chronic knee pain due to arthritis, infection, or injury

Why Choose Cure My Knee for Knee Replacement?

  • 15+ Highly experienced surgeons
  • 24*7 online consultation booking
  • Bloodless, stitchless and painless surgery
  • Durable and long-lasting implants
  • USFDA-approved equipment
  • All types of insurance accepted (Government & Non-Government)
  • No-cost EMI available
  • Post-surgery physiotherapy and care

Advantage of Getting Knee Surgery in South Delhi at Cure My Knee

Factors Cure My Knee Others

Stitchless, Bloodless, Painless Surgery



24*7 Online Consultation Booking



All insurance accepted



Zero-cost EMI is available



Provide Post-surgery Physiotherapy



Hospital Duration



Risk after knee surgery



Long Lasting Implants



Cost of surgery



Free Pickup & Drop Facility



Recovery Time

1 week

2-4 weeks

How to find the top 10 best knee surgeon in South Delhi

If you are searching for the top 10 knee surgeon in South Delhi, look no further than Cure My Knee. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged bone or cartilage of the knee joint is replaced with artificial joints or prosthesis. The damage in the knee joint is caused by arthritis, injury, fracture, or disease. Then damage in the knee joint leads to severe pain, inflammation and stiffness in the knees which makes it difficult to walk or run. Find and Book Appointment with some of the top knee replacement surgeon in South Delhi.

Open surgery or knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty is only suggested when someone is experiencing severe recurring pain in the knees and medication or physiotherapy are not helpful in relieving the pain. Book an appointment with a knee replacement specialist at Cure My Knee.

Top 10 Knee Surgeon in South Delhi & It's Cost

The cost of knee replacement surgery in South Delhi depends upon several factors considering the age of patients, type of surgery, choice of the hospital and the cost of an implant. Cure My Knee insures that patients receive the utmost treatment and care at an affordable cost. Get the most advanced treatment for knee replacement in South Delhi at the lowest cost. Highly qualified knee orthopedist near you. Experienced doctors & advanced techniques.

Insurance Assistance

  • All types of insurance accepted
  • Govt. & Non-govt. insurance accepted
  • Cashless claim benefit
  • No hidden charges
  • Paperwork Assistance

Factors Affecting Surgery Cost

  • Type of Surgery
  • Type of hospital chosen
  • Type, Quantity & Company of Implant
  • Choice of City for the Surgery
  • Previous Medical Condition

EMI Facility

  • Zero-cost EMI is available
  • No interest charged
  • Paperwork Assistance


What are the types of Knee Replacement Surgery?

The type of knee replacement surgery includes –

  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Revision Knee Replacement Surgery
What happens before Knee Replacement Surgery?

Before the knee replacement surgery, your orthopedic doctor may suggest you to undergo several pathological & radiological tests like blood test, MRI, CT scan, Chest X-ray, HIV test, Liver function test, ECG, and many others.

Who needs knee replacement surgery?

A person may consult a knee replacement surgeon if-

  • Experience severe knee pain
  • Stiffness and inflammation around knee joints
  • Facing difficulty in getting up from a chair, walking and running
  • Unable to walk up or down the stairs without support
  • Medicines and physiotherapy are not giving any relief from the pain
How long does a knee replacement last?

Generally, knee replacement lasts about 20 years depending on the quality of the implant.

How long does knee replacement surgery take?

On average, knee replacement surgery of both knees takes about 2 hours but at Cure My Knee the surgery for both knees takes about 60 minutes.

How long it takes to recover after knee replacement surgery?

Our best-experienced surgeons at Cure My Knee perform knee surgery with utmost care with minimum cuts which helps patients to recover from knee replacement surgery faster. Patient starts walking 24 hours after the surgery with the help of a walker. It takes about 2 – 4 weeks to fully recover from knee replacement surgery and walk freely without any support.

Can you drive after knee replacement surgery?

Yes, you can drive after 1 month of knee replacement surgery. Always consult your orthopedic doctor before driving.

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