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Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Patna

To establish which hospital is the finest, several factors must be considered. First and foremost, there is the hospital's reputation, orthopedic surgeon expertise, quality of care, patient reviews with happy stories, and advanced technology. The Delhi NCR is home to a variety of well-known orthopedic facilities that are known for delivering high-quality care and specialized services to all patients. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is a well-known institution known for its orthopedic expertise and vast treatment facilities. Other well-known hospitals in the vicinity are Max Super Specialty Hospital, Medanta-The Medicity, Fortis Hospital, and Apollo Hospitals. These clinics have skilled orthopedic surgeons, cutting-edge infrastructure, cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities, and a commitment to providing superior orthopedic care to patients in Delhi NCR and surrounding areas.

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The cost of the surgery depends on many factors, yet one of the essential factors that influence the cost is the region or the city the patient wants the surgery. Knee replacement cost in Patna is affordable and it covers everything starting from pre-operative diagnostics to post-operative care and rehabilitation:

Unilateral Knee Replacement Surgery Rs. 1,00,000 + Implants
Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery Rs. 3,50,000 + Implants

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What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgery where the damaged knee joints are replaced with implants. Metal and plastic components are used to cap the ends of the bones that comprise the knee joint. When conventional treatments fail TKR (Total Knee Replacement) is the only treatment. The purpose of knee replacement surgery is to resurface damaged areas of the knee joint and give relief to the patient with severe knee pain & deformities helping in the increase of mobility.

When Is Total Knee Replacement Surgery Advised?

Your orthopedic doctor for knee replacement in Patna may advise for a total knee replacement surgery when:

  • Continuous chronic knee pain or stiffness and edema that is not relieved by rest or any medication and that might restrict your daily activities like stair climbing, walking and getting up or sitting down on chairs.
  • You might also feel moderate to severe knee discomfort while resting at night or during daytime
  • Knee deformity such as bow legs
  • Other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone injections, lubricating injections, physiotherapy have failed to relieve the pain.

What Influences The Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost?

  • Implant type and quality used

    The most essential factor is the type and quality of knee implants in deciding the cost of the procedure. The best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi analyzes various aspects while selecting the best knee implant for the patient, including the age, degree of joint movement required by the patient and the severity of joint injury

  • Hospitalization Charges

    The hospitalization charges include the patient's desired hospital room, the time period of the hospital stay and OT charges. A deluxe or a private room would be more expensive than a twin sharing hospital room.

  • The Surgeon's Expertise

    Knee replacement surgery is a high-end orthopedic surgery which should only be done by an orthopedic doctor who has expertise and experience in performing the surgery. An expert orthopedic doctor in Patna performs the surgery accurately, protecting the surrounding tissues, making it easier to regain joint mobility and extending the life of the implants.

  • Post-surgery Complications Management

    Post-operative issues after knee replacement surgery might increase due to uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension. If the patient develops any post-operative complications, such as hemorrhage or infection, they might require ICU treatments, blood transfusions, and other procedures, which might add up to the surgery cost.

  • Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in Patna Bihar

  • Costs of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Medicine

    To restore joint mobility post-knee replacement surgery, the patient would require considerable physiotherapy and rehabilitation, this would influence the cost. Also Pain management is critical for post-operative recovery. NSAIDs and other anti-inflammatory medicines are used to reduce pain following total knee replacement surgery, which are another factor influencing the cost.

  • Insurance Coverage

    A majority of health insurance covers the entire cost of total knee replacement surgery . The insurance policies also include specifications for hospitals & the implants to be used. So always contact your insurance provider to find out the details of your coverage.

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