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Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

Some of us have experienced mild to moderate pain in our knees more than once in our lifetime. But sometimes this pain increases with time and your orthopedic surgeon might suggest you undergo knee replacement surgery. Are you suggested to undergo knee replacement surgery and want to know the knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi?

We are here to help you! In this blog, we are going to explain to you the cost of knee replacement surgery in Delhi and why this cost can differ from patient to patient. Total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in India. It is a permanent solution for those who are suffering from prolonged knee pain.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), Total knee replacement provides symptomatic improvement from knee pain in 90% of patients. Total knee replacement is proven to be the most successful and effective surgical option for patients suffering from severe knee pain or osteoarthritis.

(TKR) Total Knee Replacement Cost in Delhi

The cost of knee replacement surgery in Delhi differs from patient to patient due to certain factors. The cost of knee replacement surgery can start from Rs.1,30,000 and go beyond Rs.2,25,000. After diagnosis, your orthopedic doctor will advice you to undergo the type of surgery you are required. The cost of Knee replacement surgery in Delhi is -

Type of Surgery Approx. cost
Unilateral Knee Replacement SurgeryRs. 1,30,000 + Implants
Bilateral Knee Replacement SurgeryRs. 2,25,000 + Implants

Note: Implants cost depends on the type & company.

The cost of knee replacement surgery varies depending on multiple factors which include -

  • Category of hospital
  • Type of knee replacement surgery
  • Type of implant used
  • Company of the implant
  • Number of Implants
  • Previous medical condition of the patient
  • The type of room opted for admission
  • The city chosen for surgery
Want to know the Knee replacement surgery Cost in Delhi?

Best Hospitals for Knee Replacement in Delhi

Choosing a hospital is one of the most difficult choices for patients. We have made your task easy. We provide you with the best hospitals in Delhi that provide knee replacement surgery with the newest types of equipment, tools and infrastructure to carry out the treatment.

Cure My Knee has several empaneled hospitals that provide knee replacement surgery with the latest technologies. Our patient care team assists and guides the patient throughout the process by delivering proven quality care.

Top Hospitals for Minimum Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

Orthopedic Surgeon Who specializes in Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

Just stop to search on Google if you are looking for total knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi. If you are experiencing any kind of pain in your knees, feel free to contact us to know more about the total cost of knee replacement surgery. We provide you with the best knee surgeons in Delhi. Our doctors are well-versed in identifying the root cause of your problem and treating it with utmost care.

Why Knee replacement surgery is needed?

Knee replacement surgery is advised for patients because of various reasons. These reasons can include any illness, injury, accident, or disease. Some of the reasons why you need knee replacement surgery are -

  • You experience severe knee pain
  • Your knee has swelling & inflammation
  • You have met with an accident and fractured your bone
  • You are unable to stand, walk and run for too long
  • You face problems climbing up and down the stairs
  • You feel extreme pain in folding your legs
  • You find it difficult to bend on your knees

These are some common reasons which can result in severe to moderate knee pain. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult an orthopedic doctor immediately. You can also contact the best orthopedic surgeons at Cure My Knee at 8800200400.

You can also connect with us to know the cost of diagnostic tests, the cost of knee replacement surgery, the type of hospital and recovery after the surgery.

Factors that affect patient satisfaction after the surgery?

Patient satisfaction depends on certain factors. At Cure My Knee, we ensure that the patients are delivered high-quality care and treatment by the best doctor. We help our patient to experience a hassle-free journey right from booking the consultation with the orthopedic doctor and admission in the hospital to post-surgery physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the patient.

Some factors that lead to a patient's satisfaction are:-

  • A hassle free experience from admission to discharge
  • End to end assistance during the treatment process
  • Time taken for the surgery
  • Functional improvement & pain relief post surgery
  • Fast healing & recovery assistance through physiotherapy
  • Doctor's advice and consultation pre & post surgery

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Recovery after the knee replacement surgery

To recover faster, your orthopedic surgeon will advise you to undergo physiotherapy, recommend some dietary supplements, suggest some medications and lifestyle changes . After this, your orthopedic surgeon will also suggest some preventive methods you need to follow to recover easily after the knee replacement surgery.

Cure My Knee helps a patient recover faster and sooner. The recovery after the knee replacement surgery involves -

Day 1- A patient can start walking just the next day after the surgery with the help of a walker and support

Day 7 to 10- A patient can walk without a walker or support. The no. of days can differ from patient to patient

Day 18 to 20- A patient can climb up and down the stairs with the help of support and precautions

Day 30 to 40- A patient is able to drive for a certain distance

Remember- Always consult your orthopedic doctor before starting any process. The condition of the patient and type of surgery can differ in the recovery time of patients.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is knee replacement surgery risky?

No, knee replacement surgery is not risky. The success rate of knee replacement surgery is 95%. A patient can face very less to no complications after knee replacement surgery.

Is Knee replacement surgery covered under insurance?

Yes, most insurance policies allow the coverage of knee replacement surgery. The full cost of knee replacement surgery is covered under insurance. You just need to check with the insurance provider before the surgery.

What is the waiting period for health insurance for knee replacement?

The waiting period can differ for several insurance providers. It can vary from a few hours to 2 days. Cure My knee assists you at every step in an insurance claim and paperwork.

Can you fully recover from a knee replacement surgery?

Yes, you can recover after a knee replacement surgery. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to completely recover from a knee replacement surgery.

Can you climb stairs after knee replacement?

Yes, a patient can climb stairs after a knee replacement surgery. First, they are advised to climb the stairs with the help of crutches and supports. After 2 - 3 weeks, the patients can climb the stairs without any support.

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