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Knee Replacement Cost/Package in Ahmedabad

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

Knee Replacement Cost in Ahmedabad - Knee issues can be a real pain, and sometimes that pain can lead to a point where your orthopedic surgeon recommends a total knee replacement surgery. If you are facing knee pain and you are curious about the cost of knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad, you are at the right place.

We are here to shed light on the total knee replacement surgery cost in Ahmedabad and why it can fluctuate from one patient to another patient. In India, knee replacement surgery has become a common operation because it is a permanent, successful treatment for people suffering from knee pain for ages.

We know that the cost is a major factor before choosing the surgery option. The knee replacement cost in Ahmedabad depends on many factors, such as hospital chosen, implant used, patient’s medical history, type of surgery, tenure of hospital stay etc. We ensure that our patients get cost-effective treatment and successful knee replacement surgery. We completely understand the value of your time and money, so we do our best to help you get the best cost for this treatment.

Approximate Cost of Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Ahmedabad

Cost of single knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad: Rs. 1,45,000 + Implants
Cost of both knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad: Rs. 2,25,000 + Implants

When Is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary?

Knee replacement surgery becomes a necessity for various reasons, including:

  • Severe Knee Pain: Persistent and unbearable knee pain that interferes with daily life.
  • Swelling and Inflammation: When the knee experiences chronic swelling and inflammation.
  • Trauma or Fracture: After accidents or injuries resulting in knee trauma or fractures.
  • Mobility Issues: Difficulty in standing, walking, running, or climbing stairs.
  • Limited Range of Motion: Inability to bend the knee or perform everyday activities.

Factors Influencing the Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

  • Hospital Brand: The value and brand of the hospital can impact the surgery cost. Reputable hospitals might charge you a higher price for their services.
  • Room Type: The choice of admission room, such as a general ward, semi-private, or private room, affects the overall cost
  • Surgery Complexity: The complexity of the knee replacement procedure influences the cost. Certain cases may require more complicated surgical techniques.
  • Severity of Knee Damage: The damage to the knee can affect the overall expenses.
  • Implant Selection: The type and brand of implant used in the surgery can significantly impact the cost.
  • Number of Implants: If the surgery involves a total or partial knee replacement in both the knees, the implants used will differ in cost.
  • Patient's Medical History: A patient's previous medical conditions can also play a role in determining the cost.

Knee Replacement Specialists in Ahmedabad

If you are suffering from knee pain, do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about the cost of knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad. We connect you with top-notch surgeons in India who excel at identifying the root cause of your knee issues and treating them with the utmost care and expertise.

How Long Does It Take for a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Generally, knee replacement surgeries take 1 - 2 hours for one knee. The time of surgery depends on many factors including damage condition of the knee, the age, and health condition of the patient, and the experience of the knee surgeon. Our knee replacement surgeons usually take around 40/50 minutes to perform a knee surgery on both knees at Cure My Knee.

What is the Knee Joint Replacement Recovery Time?

It takes approximately 3 to 4 months to recover from knee replacement surgery. To completely recover from it and return to your physical activities, it might take up to 6 to 9 months. The recovery time completely depends on patient-to-patient factors like age, knee condition, how regularly the patient is taking physiotherapy, and recommended medicine.

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