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Knee Pain Doctor Near Me in South Delhi

Best Knee Pain Doctor Near Me in South Delhi

Knee Pain Doctor in Delhi -Knee pain, is the most intruding pain people have, irrespective of age or the type of activity one does. With the hectic lifestyle today ignoring this pain is quite common which can be fatal in the near future. So today let us explore more in-depth about knee pain, its symptoms, when to consult a knee pain specialist doctor, and the diverse reasons and types of knee pain.


Knee pain is the most common complaint seen among the young and senior age groups. The reasons may vary for all, sometimes it is due to an old deep injury like torn cartilage or a ruptured ligament. Also, there may be other medical reasons such as impending infections, arthritis, or gout. Whatever the reason may be, ignoring the pain may lead to further complications and full seizure of mobility.

The Various Symptoms of Knee Pain

This distinctive pain may seem quite common but it has some specific symptoms, which are like red flags and should not be ignored. Through these symptoms, our body tries to warn us of the impending seriousness of the pain. So let's know a bit more about the specific symptoms:

  • The most common symptom is stiffness in the knee with a slight swell which is painful especially while folding the knee.
  • Secondly one might find it hard to stand straight due to the instability of the knees, which is resulted from weakness created by the swell and pain.
  • Very commonly the knee area would be reddish and it might feel soft and warm while touching. You need to be very careful as it is a strong alert to consult a knee pain specialist in Delhi.
  • Also one might hear crunching or popping sounds while bending the knee, sitting, walking, or doing exercise. These are also indications that the knee pain is increasing with time.
  • The most common symptom one may face is that straightening the knee becomes impossible especially while climbing up the stairs, sitting, or standing.

When To Consult the Best Doctor for Knee Pain in South Delhi

It is essential that one should understand the urgency to consult an orthopedic surgeon when the body starts giving signs and red flags. Sometimes going with the flow of balancing professional and personal life individuals ignore those red flags or symptoms just by applying some pain relief ointment or having common painkillers. But the fact is once the said alarming symptoms become more relevant and can be seen regularly, then it is a sign that your knee is asking for help and medical support. It is always better not to ignore these signs and look for knee specialist doctor near me.

An orthopedic surgeon is the best person not only to diagnose the issue and further give the knee cure and treatment but also would guide you through the whole process. Sometimes many patients find it painful during the treatment or mostly there are myth fears that they would be given tough remedies or exercises or surgery which can be dangerous making them fully immobile for life.

Diverse Reasons For Knee Pain

It is quite common that knee pain is due to some previous injury or ailment that is presently making it much harder for the person to sustain daily life pain-free. There are diverse reasons and types of knee pain, so it's essential to understand the diverse reasons which accumulate into different knee pain types too.

1. Pain Due to Fractures

This type of knee pain is mostly due to a fracture of the knee joint or the kneecap which is commonly known as patella. There can be many reasons for this issue and one of the most common is osteoporosis which makes the knee cap so weak that it can get hurt or a break just on a small stumble.

2. Knee Pain Due to Ligament Injuries

These can be deep-rooted injuries of the knee due to a tear of a ligament, in a mild or fully torn manner. The ligaments that help in stability and the movement of the knee are known as the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL and Posterior Cruciate Ligament or PCL. A tear or injury to these ligaments can cause severe knee pain. In most cases, the only cure is surgery to bring back the stability of the joints of the knee. Athletes have this issue mostly as an ACL tear can occur while suddenly changing directions of motion or after landing from a jump abruptly.

3. Pain Due to Dislocation

Due to the wrong alignment of the knee bones, there can be dislocation issues creating immense pain. The main reason behind such an issue is critical trauma like a severe fall, a major car accident, or during sports activity. Generally in this situation, more than one bone may be displaced out of place.

4. Pain Due to Inflammation

This inflammation can be due to frequent jumps, so it is very common among sports people. This pain is mostly in the tendon connecting the kneecap to the shin bone and it gets aggravated due to hyperactive movement on a daily basis. General people can also be affected by this knee pain as with the hectic lifestyle and movement the inflammation can turn to unbearable pain turning to movement issues.

5. Bursitis

The cushion between the knee joints carries the small sacs of fluid helping in reduced friction during movement. Swelling or inflammation is quite a common issue in these sacs due to excess pressure and repeated kneeling activities. This pain can be treated hassle-free with antibiotics and if the pain still persists then through a needle the excess fluid can be sucked out.

6. Pain Due to Meniscal Tears

This is a very common knee issue, commonly known as torn knee cartilage. Cartilage is a band of flexible tissues that connects the shin bone and the thigh bone. These cartilage tears are generally due to aging or during excess sports activities. A pop-up sound is common when the meniscus tear. You should not ignore it and consult a good doctor near you through the search best doctor for knee pain near me.

Looking For The Best Knee Doctor Near Me

Experienced doctor for knee pain in Delhi at Cure My Knee shares a vision of making a pain-free world, so without hesitation, you can consult our knee specialist doctor in Delhi who have a strong experience of more than 35 years. So now do not ignore any form of pain or discomfort in your knee, as ignorance is always the root of a fatal consequence. The top 15 orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons are empaneled with the Cure My Knee team to provide you with 100% cure and the best treatment with individual guidance and care.


Which doctor to consult for knee pain?

In this field of treating knee pain and other knee-related issues, Dr. D. K. Das is a good orthopedic in Delhi with more than 21 years of experience in treating patients with all bone and joint-related problems. He has treated more than 1000 patients from all over the world who have significantly seen improvement in their knee pain issues and are now leading a pain-free life with a healthy knee.

How can I improve my knee health?

Essential tips for maintaining and enhancing knee health:

  • The most important thing is to keep a healthy balanced weight as obesity contributes to knee injury, pain, and even arthritis.
  • To be physically active via walking or biking.
  • Strengthening of the muscles around the knee.
  • Muscle elongation.
  • Management of posture improvement during sitting, sleeping, standing, and even walking.
  • Never ignore the pain and seek immediate knee assessment and treatment.

Is walking good for knee pain?

Yes, walking is very good for knee pain, and if your knee hurts you might probably avoid it. However, excessive rest can also weaken your muscles and frequently worsen knee discomfort. Walking works gently on the joints and promotes a healthy heart, proper blood circulation, and a full balance. Furthermore, fresh research reveals that going for a walk can help lessen and avoid knee discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis.

Can sitting too much cause knee pain?

Sitting too much is being inactive for a longer period of time which would cause knee pain. It actually stiffens the tendons and muscles around the knee causing the pain. The best way would be to change the posture of your sitting, trying not to put pressure on your knees or simply use a footrest which would be the easy solution.

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

Our body starts showing signs of unhealthiness, just we need to read them on time. The same goes when it comes to knee pain. So, you should not ignore the knee pain if:

  • Your knee is unstable
  • There is swelling in and around the knees along with pain
  • Extending your knee or flexing is tough
  • There is a certain deformity in your knee or leg
  • And most importantly if you are having a fever with knee pain with redness and swelling then it's a sure sign that your knee is in a serious condition, and without waiting you should consult with knee pain doctor.

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