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What are the Benefits of Getting a Golden Knee Implant?

All You Need To Know Golden Knee Replacement Surgery

Many people undergoing surgery are worried about the allergy caused by metal implants. In this blog, we are going to discuss golden knee replacement surgery and the benefits of getting a golden knee implant.

Severe knee pain can be a painful condition with recurring symptoms like stiffness, swelling, clicking sound, etc. These symptoms may start to interfere with daily activities of life. The majority of people may choose non-operative treatments such as injections, medicines, and physiotherapy but these methods don’t work well and surgery is the alternative option that will be effective.

What is Golden Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement, also known as arthroplasty or total knee replacement is a surgical procedure to reconstruct the surface of a damaged knee with the help of implants.

Some patients are allergic to metal implants, so they prefer implants having a golden coating. The golden knee implant is coated with Titanium Niobium Nitride (TiNiN) which is used in golden knee replacement surgery. The coating of TiNiN gives the implant golden color and extends the functioning of the implant.

Why Golden Knee Replacement Surgery is Performed?

The gold knee implant is by far the most effective and popular prosthetic joint. It lasts longer and prevents people from experiencing allergic responses. Normal knee implants that are made up of chromium and cobalt alloy are known to release metal ions into your bloodstream.

Patients with metal allergies frequently experience inflammation in the knee joint due to the metal ions released by the metal alloys. They eventually experience consequences like infection, joint laxity, and knee pain. The Golden knee implant has extremely little wear and tear because it is compatible with human tissues and is generally recommended by doctors to elderly patients.

How to Identify that you are Allergic to Metals?

Most people are fond of synthetic jewelry but are allergic to Nickel which is used as a coating material on the jewelry. If you are allergic to nickel, the area of your skin that comes into contact with the metal will experience rashes or redness. Patients who undergo severe allergic reactions frequently experience additional problems.

Some people experience the same effects when they use additional metals in some fashion. Consult with your nearest dermatologist, if you experience rashes in any area after coming in contact with metals.

Who Can Undergo Golden Knee Replacement Surgery?

All patients should consider getting a golden knee replacement. Individuals with metal allergies who are 60 years of age are generally advised to undergo golden knee replacement surgery. The Golden knee implant also has superior surgical outcomes over the general knee implant.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Golden Knee Implant?

What are the Benefits of Getting a Golden Knee Implant?

There are several benefits of getting a gold knee implant in a knee replacement surgery.

  • Implants are allergy-proof
  • High longevity of implant up to 40 years
  • High durability of the gold coating
  • Higher life span
  • The surgical outcomes observed with golden knee implants
  • Compatible with the body tissues
  • Applies less friction in moving
  • Avoids inflammation after the surgery
  • Ensures less wear and tear to the tissues
  • Extreme adhesive strength

What is the Cost of Golden Knee Replacement?

Firstly, if you are facing knee pain, search for the best orthopedic doctor in Delhi and get yourself consulted. Cure My Knee provides you with the best knee replacement surgeons in India having more than 25 years of experience and specialization in treating bone and joint problems.

Now, the cost of golden knee replacement surgery varies from patient to patient depending upon several factors. If you want to get an idea of the cost of golden knee replacement surgery, you can get in touch with us. We will provide you with a cost-free estimate.

Before going for a knee replacement surgery, it’s important to evaluate all options, including the cost of the implant, compatibility of the implant, the durability of the implant and other factors such as the hospital chosen, the total cost of surgery, alternative method than a surgery, time taken to operate and time taken in recovery after the surgery.

Book an appointment with us to get an expert doctor’s consultation and personalized care plans based on your unique needs. Cure My Knee provides durable and long-lasting golden knee implants at the most affordable cost and a zero-interest payment method.

FAQ Related to Golden Knee Replacement

Can gold be used for a knee replacement?

Yes, if the patients are allergic to metals, they are suggested for a golden knee implant which is durable, long-lasting and causes less wear & tear to the tissue.

Does the body rejects a golden knee implant?

Golden knee implants are not allergic to human tissues so in most patients the implant will not be rejected, corrode or react with your body.

How long do knee gold implants last?

A knee gold implant can last for 15 years or more which can vary from patient to patient.

Why gold is used in knee implants?

Gold is used as knee implants because they are allergic resistant, and have high durability, longevity, and life span.

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