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List of Top 10 Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. DK Das Profile Pic

Dr. D. K. Das

Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi

Surgical Experience: 21+ years

Education: M.B.B.S, M. S (Ortho), M. Ch (Ortho), FIJRS (United Kingdom, Germany)

Location: South Delhi

Success Rate: More than 98%

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List of Best Spine Surgeon in Delhi

If you are looking a spine surgeon and specialist in Delhi NCR then Cure My Knee has the solution. Cure My Knee helps a patient experience a hassle-free surgical journey from booking an appointment to post-surgery physiotherapy & consultation.

Cure My Knee has 15+ empaneled doctors having more than 37 years of experience and area of expertise in treating all orthopedic problems. Our spine specialist doctors in Delhi are:

Who is a Spine Surgeon?

An orthopedic doctor who can treat various conditions, diseases and injuries related to the spine, is a spine surgeon. He can diagnose and treat problems related to Spine. A spine surgeon can treat a variety of problems such as herniations, fractures, degenerated discs, and many other conditions related to the Spine.

Dr. Neelabh Verma Picture

Dr. Neelabh Verma - Spine Surgeon

22+ Years of Experience


Education: M.B.B.S, D. Ortho, DNB(Ortho), Fellowship in Spinal Surgery (Bordeaux, France)

Location: West Delhi

Dr. Neelabh Verma can treat several deformities related to fractures in the knee & hip, spine, and elbow He is a well-known spinal surgeon in Delhi. He can treat spinal deformities and scoliosis. He also has expertise in treating joint-related problems.

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Dr. Sudeep Jain - Spine Surgeon

Dr. Sudeep Jain - Spine Surgeon

18+ Years of Experience

Education: Education: M.B.B.S, M.S(Ortho), M.Ch(Ortho)

Location: New Delhi

Dr. Sudeep Jain is an eminent spine surgeon having more than 18 years of experience. He has performed more than 1000 surgeries in India. He is a dedicated orthopedic and neuro spine surgeon. He can also treat problems related to bone and joint deformity of knee and hip.

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Dr. Vikas Mehra

Dr. Vikas Mehra - Orthopedic surgeon

30+ Years of Experience

Education: M.B.B.S, DNB(Ortho), M.S(Ortho)

Location: Chandigarh

Dr. Vikas Mehra has performed around 5000+ orthopedic surgeries. He has done complicated spine as well as knee and hip surgeries. He also performs arthroscopy for sports injuries. He is the good spine surgeon in Chandigarh.

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 Dr. O. P Gupta

Dr. O. P Gupta - Spine Surgeon

16+ Years of Experience.

Education: Education: M.B.B.S, M.S(Ortho), Fellowship in Endoscopic and Microscopic Spine Surgery (USA)

Location: Gurgaon

Dr. O. P. Gupta is a highly specialized and experienced Orthopedist. He has an extensive experience in

Spine Surgery

and exposure to all kinds of ailment cases for more than 16 years. He can perform minimally invasive spine surgery and robotic spine surgery.

What problems are treated by a Spine surgeon?

A Spine surgeon can treat various problems that include -

  • right tick icon Herniated disc
  • right tick icon Scoliosis
  • right tick icon Spinal stenosis
  • right tick icon Neck and back injuries
  • right tick icon Degenerative disc disease
  • right tick icon Spinal deformities
  • right tick icon Sprain and strains
  • right tick icon Tumors and cysts
  • right tick icon Sciatica
  • right tick icon Vertebral fractures
  • right tick icon Forward neck posture

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Symptoms that you need to visit a spine surgeon

A spine surgeon can look after all the problems related to your spine deformity, illness, or injury. You need to consult a spine surgeon if -

  • right tick icon You are experiencing Chronic pain in your back or neck that lasts long for more than 2-3 months
  • right tick icon Non-surgical methods such as medicines, exercises, physiotherapy, and injections are not helpful
  • right tick icon You are unable to perform your daily activities
  • right tick icon You are experiencing severe back pain while sitting, standing, or laying down
  • right tick icon You are unable to twist sideways, pick up an object or sit without support
  • right tick icon You are facing bowel and bladder issues which cause abdominal cramps

Types of Spinal Surgery?

You might get confused by the various type of spinal surgery. We will make your understanding clear and easy. Here are some major types of spinal surgery -

  • right tick icon Discectomy - If the disc between your vertebral column is damaged due to any injury, you might be suggested to undergo Discectomy. In this surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged part of your disc. This is done either with minimally invasive surgery or through open surgery.
  • right tick icon Laminectomy - In this surgery, a small part of the spine (lamina) is removed which relieves the pressure from the spinal nerves.
  • right tick icon Spinal Fixation Surgery - In this surgery, the spine is fixed with the help of screws and an artificial cage which gets fused over time and helps to restore the stability of the spine.
  • Dr. Neelabh Verma Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery - In this surgery, the disc is replaced with the use of a prosthetic implant. This surgery is similar to knee and hip replacement surgery.

How we can Help?

Cure My Knee is a next-generation healthcare system that aims to provide an excellent patient experience by providing the best treatment and care. We can help you with booking an appointment, consulting with the orthopedic doctor, the easy admission-discharge process if required, and post-surgery follow-up & consultation.

Here are some reasons why Cure My Knee is the best to consult with spine orthopedic surgeon -

  • right arrow icon Cure My knee provides you with the best qualified and experienced spine surgeons
  • right arrow icon We provide the most personalized treatment plan for every patient's need
  • right arrow icon Cost-effective and 100% assured result
  • right arrow icon We are available 24 x 7 for online consultation booking
  • right arrow icon Free pick-up and drop services
  • right arrow icon Post-surgery physiotherapy, consultation and care
  • right arrow icon All types of insurance are accepted (Government & Non-Government)
  • right arrow icon Insurance Assistance is provided at each step
  • right arrow icon We give zero-interest EMI options available for spine surgery

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can I begin walking after spine surgery?

A person can start walking just the next day after the surgery. It depends on the condition and age of the patient.

How successful is Spine Surgery?

The success rate of spine surgery can vary from 90% to 95% depending upon the severity of the problem, the type of treatment provided and the previous medical condition of the patient.

How long to have bed rest after the spine surgery?

It can approximately take 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover from the spine surgery. You can have bed rest along with performing 30 mins exercise twice daily to recover faster. Always consult your orthopedic doctor before starting any new exercise.

Can spine surgery be avoided?

Yes, if you have a minor problem or injury in your spine, it can be corrected with the help of medications, physiotherapy and lifestyle modification. Depending on the condition of your problem your orthopedic surgeon will suggest whether you need surgery or not.

Can spine surgery make you shorter?

No, there will be no effect on your height due to spine surgery.

Can spine surgery cause paralysis?

Cure My knee uses high advance technology under the doctor's guidance which makes the chance of spinal nerve damage negligible and hence there is no chances of paralysis.

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