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Renowned Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in the World

About Dr. D.K Das

Founder & Director of CMK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
M.B.B.S., M.S. (Ortho), M.Ch. (Ortho), FIJRS (U.K., Germany)

Dr. D.K Das is an accomplished senior orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon. He is the best knee replacement surgeon in the world. He has an experience of 22 years in the field of orthopedic surgeries, pain management and joint deformities treatment.

With a vision to make the world pain-free, Dr. D.K Das founded CureMyKnee. Dr. D K Das has treated hundreds of patients from different countries throughout the years. He is dedicated to his efforts to minimize his patients' suffering, promote good health, and enable pain-free mobility. He ensures that the patient has a risk-free and painless treatment with the help of his highly qualified team of surgeons, anesthetists, cardiologists, medicine specialists, physiotherapists and patient care team at CureMyKnee.

Our Services for International Patients

The International Patient Services at CureMyKnee looks after all the medical needs and other requirements of patients and their families who visit India for consultation and surgery. Some of the services provided for International Patients are:

Medical Visa & Assistance: To travel to India for medical treatment, a special visa called "M visa," also known as a medical visa is provided to the patients. CureMyKnee will give you top priority assistance in obtaining a medical visa for India. We will assist you in organizing a visa letter and other essential documentation for you.

Flight Ticket Booking & Support: CureMyKnee helps in flight ticket booking. We make your booking process quick, easy and seamless.

Language Interpreter Assistance: People who speak various languages can converse with each other in person, on the phone, or through technology like video with the help of interpreters. Interpretation services are made available to International patients at every step.

Airport pick-n-drop Facility: CureMyKnee offers free airport pick-up and drop-off service in a taxi or ambulance for its patients and accompanying guests to the hospital or hotel. When necessary, patients are given access to language interpretation services.

Hotel Reservation Assistance: All the necessary arrangements are done at hotels keeping in mind the patient’s comfort & safety. The patient has a choice of selecting from various kinds of rooms. The food provided to the patients will depend on the type of cuisine, the patient will prefer.

Patient Care & Assistance: Once the patients reach the hospital, they get a smooth admission & discharge process. Our patient care team will escort the patient to the allotted room and assist them till their discharge.

Post-Surgery Physiotherapy & Care: Physiotherapy after the surgery is offered to help you return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up & Consultation: Our patient care team will connect the patients to the doctors for post-treatment consultation so that the patient can clear out their queries or problems.

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About CureMyKnee

CureMyKnee offers the most reliable and genuine support to all the patients undergoing treatment. Cure My Knee give prompt responses to all of your concerns related to any orthopedic and joint-related problems.

Our Offerings

  • Giving immediate response to all of your queries
  • Expert doctor’s consultation
  • Affordable, cost-effective, and latest surgical procedures
  • Trouble-free insurance
  • Hassle-free admission and discharge process
  • Performing surgeries with advanced medical technologies and equipment
  • Post-surgery physiotherapy, consultation and care
  • Post-surgery follow-ups

CMK Uniqueness

CureMyKnee aims to offer patients an excellent healthcare experience by offering high-quality services. All orthopedic conditions, related to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are treated with equal respect and care. Cure My Knee commits to providing ethical treatment options right from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

  • A highly experienced panel of orthopedic surgeons
  • Instant response to your queries
  • Cost-effective & genuine treatment plan
  • 100% result oriented
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Use of durable and long-lasting implants
  • Expert and qualified ortho physiotherapists

CMK Empaneled Doctors

CureMyKnee has a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon empaneled with us. Dr. D.K Das is the world’s best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi, NCR. He is the most renowned and experienced knee replacement surgeon doctor. You can undoubtedly connect with the world’s best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi NCR to get your knee problems treated for faster recovery.

CureMyKnee has several other orthopedic surgeons specializing in knee replacement surgery.

CMK Empaneled Hospitals

These days, a lot of people complain of pain in their muscles, joints, and bones. Numerous conditions, such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, fractures, tendonitis, and ruptured ligaments, might contribute to this pain. If you experience pain in any of these areas, book an appointment at Cure My Knee. We have the world’s best knee replacement surgeon that consults patients in the best orthopedic hospitals in Delhi, India.

Nowadays, many people experience pain in their bones, joints, and muscles. This pain can be caused by various factors, including osteoporosis, arthritis, inflammation, fractures, tendonitis, or ligament ruptures. If you are experiencing pain in any of these areas, book an appointment at Cure My Knee.

Where to find the World’s Best Knee Replacement Surgeon?

Looking for the best knee replacement surgeon? At CMK, we have the best empaneled orthopedic doctors and surgeons with us. With a noble cause of making India pain-free Dr. D.K Das started CureMyKnee. He is one of the world’s best knee replacement surgeons.

He is also among South Delhi's top surgeons for knee replacements. He has over 21 years of expertise and a depth of knowledge, and he has treated more than 10,000 patients both in India and overseas. To contact him and the other credentialed surgeons of CMK who are authorities in their professions, go to curemyknee.com.

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