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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Delhi, South Delhi, India

ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Delhi, South Delhi, India

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)is one of the ligaments found in the knees that helps in stabilizing the knee joint. The ACL is particularly prone to harm during several sports activities or as a result of trauma. An ACL tear is the most common ligament tear that occurs mostly due to sports injuries. Your doctor may suggest you to undergo ACL reconstruction for repairing your ligament. ACL surgery costs are affordable and can differ from patient to patient. For the ligament operation specifically for ACL, the price depends on the type of hospital, the type of surgery recommended, the patient's medical condition and several other factors.

Cost of ACL Knee Surgery in Delhi, India

The ACL surgery cost in Delhi can vary from person to person. The minimum cost of ACL surgery is INR 80, 000 and the maximum cost of ACL surgery is INR 2,50,000. Cure My Knee provides cost-effective and affordable ACL surgery at the choice of your hospital.

ACL SurgeryCost of ACL Surgery (INR)
Starting CostRs.80,000
Average CostRs.1,30,000
Maximum CostRs.2,50,000

Our expert doctors are highly experienced in treating all the problems related to ligament injury. The cost of ACL surgery can depend on several factors such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • The type of hospital chosen
  • The severity of damage caused to the ligaments
  • The previous medical condition of the patient
  • Unilateral or bilateral ligament surgery
  • Type and company of implant
  • Location you prefer (choice of the city)

Symptoms to undergo ACL Surgery

An ACL injury can occur in people of all ages with different athletic abilities. Females, athletes and old age people have a higher chance of getting ACL injuries. The most common symptoms to undergo ACL surgery include:

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling of the knee at the time of the tear
  • A clicking sound on flexion or extension of the knee
  • Locking of the knee
  • Inability to walk properly
  • Difficulty in lifting a lot of weight
  • Difficulty in performing daily activities

If you experience any of these symptoms, go see an orthopedic surgeon near you. Also read, Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi to clear your doubts on when to go for knee replacement surgery

Benefits of undergoing ACL surgery

A patient considers a lot of factors before undergoing ACL surgery which include the time taken to fully recover after the surgery, difficulties in recovering, the cost of ACL surgery, and several other factors. But if a patient is facing severe pain in the knees and is suggested ACL surgery by an orthopedic doctor, they must know the benefits of ACL arthroscopic surgery.

  • Knee function will be restored
  • Long-term relief from pain
  • Helps to combat the sedentary lifestyle
  • Resume playing sports
  • Avoids further damage
  • High success rate
  • Faster recovery after the surgery
  • Cost-effective than other non-surgical treatments

Best Doctor for ACL Surgery in Delhi

Cost of ACL Surgery in Delhi - There are some preventive measures you need to follow after ACL surgery to recover as soon as possible and without any complications. Ask your orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapists for the preventive measures to follow after the ACL reconstruction surgery in Delhi. Some of the Do's and Don'ts after ACL Surgery are -

Do's after ACL surgery Don'ts after ACL surgery
Try different exercises to resume mobility of the kneeDo not put extra pressure on your knees
Wear a knee brace and crutches to walkDo not walk, swim, cycle, bend and extend your knee until recommended
Eat a healthy diet and avoid tobaccoRestrict any high-intensity physical activity
Keep your leg raised as much as possibleDo not avoid taking medicines
Always follow the advice of your surgeon & physiotherapistDo not miss your doctor's consultation and physiotherapy sessions
Use cold therapy to ease painDo not schedule any other surgical procedure in your recovery stage

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Cost of Diagnostic Tests before ACL Surgery

Before ACL surgery, a patient undergoes a complete physical examination in addition to other imaging tests to know the patient's medical condition. The cost of diagnostic tests done before the surgery suggested by the Orthopedic surgeon are:

Type of Tests Cost of Tests
Pathological TestsRs. 2000 - Rs. 3000
Imaging TestsRs. 7000 - Rs. 8000
ECG TestRs. 800 - Rs. 1000
HIV TestRs. 1000 - Rs. 1200

Best ACL Surgeon in Delhi

ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in Delhi - Which is the best hospital for acl surgery in Delhi NCR? Dr. D.K Das is an ACL surgeon in Delhi with over 21 years of experience in orthopedic surgeries, pain management, and knee deformity treatments. Whats is Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction cost in Delhi NCR. The cost of ACL Reconstruction surgery depends upon multiple factors. Consult with the best orthopedics surgeon in Delhi. No Hidden Charge. Book Your Appointment Today!

Frequently Asked Question

ACL surgery cost is covered under insurance?

Yes, most of the insurance provider companies cover ACL surgery cost. Every company has a different cost of coverage. Check with your insurance provider to know the cost covered by insurance. Cure My Knee will help you with insurance approval and paperwork assistance.

Can ACL tears reoccur after the surgery?

According to research done in Yele Medicines, the chances of having an ACL tear after the ACL surgery are minimum. It is about 2% to 20% depending on the various reasons and situations.

Can you live without fixing your ACL tear?

Some patients prefer to live without fixing their ACL tear but it ultimately leads to severe other complications such as -

  • Your knee will become unstable
  • You will feel continuous knee pain in walking
  • It will damage the other ligaments and cartilage of the knee
  • It can also lead to early osteoarthritis
  • Your daily physical activities will be hampered
How painful is ACL surgery?

ACL surgery is mostly done through Arthroscopy if the conditions are not severe. Arthroscopy is a keyhole surgery that helps a patient recover fast after the surgery. Some patients may experience surgery-related pain for a week but it does not last long.

How long is the recovery time after ACL surgery?

The recovery time differs from patient to patient but generally on average, a patient can fully recover 21 to 30 days after an ACL surgery. Age, previous medical condition, type of surgery and severity of the ACL tear can affect the recovery time.

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