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Are you fed up consulting with different doctors for hip pain but could not find a solution? Are you unable to go on a morning walk? Are you totally dependent on the walker for walking and standing? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Cure My Knee helps the patient to consult with hip specialist doctor in Delhi and get suitable treatment according to the severity of their problem.


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Overview of Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery also known as hip arthroplasty is a surgical procedure used to treat hip pain, arthritis, or hip fractures. In this, an orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged parts of a hip joint and replaces them with artificial joints (prostheses) made of different materials. This artificial joint acts as an original joint in a patient which helps them in movement.

Cure My Knee have more than 15+ empaneled hip replacement specialist surgeon in Delhi who provide the best hip replacement surgery in India with the most advanced medical technology and the latest types of equipment. We have a dedicated team of experienced doctors, a patient care team, and physiotherapists committed to providing you with the excellent care and treatment.

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List of Hip Replacement Surgeons in Delhi/NCR

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Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip joint is a type of ball and socket joint that gives stability to the body and bears the body weight while allowing mobility. The hip joint is articulated between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. The acetabulum is a cup-like depression covered by the articular cartilage. The head of the femur is a hemispherical structure that articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvis.

Due to several reasons, our hip joint undergoes wear and tear and thus requires hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is of various types. It includes -

These are some different types of hip replacement surgery that will be recommended by your hip replacement surgeon in Delhi depending on the severity of your hip condition and your previous medical history. Get the full details of hip replacement surgery.

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The Procedure of Hip replacement Surgery

There are some general procedures followed for hip replacement surgery for all patients but there are some patients who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, etc., that require extra care & support and are treated after several tests.

The hip replacement procedure involves -

Before the surgery

During the surgery

After the surgery

  • The surgeon might suggest you some blood tests and imaging tests to know your medical conditions.
  • Your hip surgeon will also ask you to keep a fast for 8 to 9 hours before the hip replacement surgery.
  • Surgeons also recommend taking anesthesia before the surgery so that you don’t feel any pain while you are operated on.

How to Find a Hip Replacement Doctor Near Me in Delhi & Cost of It?

Hip replacement surgery costs can depend on several factors such as

Age of the Patient

Previous Medical Condition

Type of Implant used

Type of Hospital chosen

Type of Admission room Opted

Choice of the city for surgery

You can also get the cost estimate of the total hip replacement surgery with Cure My Knee. We provide our patients with the most affordable & cost-effective surgery. We have teams of the hip replacement doctor in Delhi with more than 35+ years of experience as an orthopedic surgeons. We provide affrodable total hip replacement surgery cost in Delhi that suits your budget.

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Benefits of Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgery

You might be thinking that there are several other methods that you can undergo other than hip replacement surgery but why hip replacement surgery is the only option? Hip replacement surgery is only suggested when your problem is severe and any other treatment method won’t be effective for your problem. At Cure My Knee, the hip replacement surgeon near me suggest undergoing the surgery only after your diagnosis and when injections and medication are not effective for your hip pain.

Some other benefits of undergoing hip replacement surgery include -

  • Permanent relief from pain

    You will get permanent relief from your severe hip pain. After the hip replacement surgery, you will experience minimal to no pain depending on your health condition. Generally, the pain goes away within a week after the hip replacement surgery.

  • Improve your quality of life

    Due to your hip pain, you may not be able to go out and enjoy yourself. You may feel extreme difficulty visiting parks, going for a morning walk, or going to a temple which may ultimately impact your life. But after hip replacement surgery, you will be able to walk with confidence and go out for a walk every day. It lets you perform your daily life activities without any pain or hindrance.

  • High success rate

    According to Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, the success rate after hip replacement surgery is 90 to 95% after 10 years and more than 95% of patients got relief from hip pain after the surgery.

  • Improves Mobility

    Hip replacement surgery will help in improving your mobility. You will be able to walk without pain, it will get easier for you to get up from a chair, you will climb stairs easily without support and you will be able to go out to the temple or churches without a stick or walker.

  • Peace of Mind

    We know, how much it is frustrating for you to be in pain. Before the hip replacement surgery, you might be needing assistance or a helper or a family member to do your work and you may not be able to involve with your social circle which will result in anxiety and depression. But after the surgery, you will be able to live without pain and you can also meet your friends and family members that will bring peace to your mind.

Demerits of Delaying Hip Replacement Surgery

If you are already suggested hip replacement surgery and you are delaying hip replacement surgery because of any reason then you can encounter some other health problems. Some common demerits of delaying hip replacement surgery are -

  • Deformity of the hip joint

    If you delay hip replacement surgery, you may undergo some more wear and tear which will deteriorate your hip joint. The more it goes untreated, the more problem it creates and the more time it will take for you to recover.

  • Increase in stiffness and immobility

    Your pain will make it difficult for you to get up in the morning and go for a walk which will ultimately increase stiffness in your hips. You will become more immobile and it will be difficult for you to even stand up after sitting for a longer time.

  • Surrounding muscles and tissues also deteriorate

    As you will try to walk even with a damaged hip, it will affect the tissues and muscles surrounding your hips. You will also apply more pressure on your hips for walking which will make your muscles weak. It will also affect the recovery process after any treatment.

  • Other Health issues

    Lack of mobility and a sedentary lifestyle will result in other health problems such as obesity, heart issues, high blood pressure, etc. You can also face severe pain in your knees, ankles and back. You can also experience insomnia and mental health issues because of immobility.

Precautions to Take Post Surgery

After undergoing hip replacement surgery, your doctor might suggest some preventive methods to follow that will help you to recover better without any complications. Some common precautions to follow after hip replacements surgery includes -

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Hip replacement surgery is major surgery and you must consider hip specialist surgeon before undergoing this surgery. But how to find a hip replacement doctor near me in Delhi? We at Cure My Knee, help you reach the right doctor according to the problem you are facing. There are 15+ empaneled joint replacement surgeons who are having 35+ years of experience and are experts in treating any orthopedic problem. A hip replacement specialist surgeon diagnoses and treats your hip pain and provides you personalized care plan based on your unique needs. For booking an appointment contact 8800040372 and get a consultation with hip specialist surgeon in Delhi.

FAQ's Related to Replacement Hip Surgery

Which doctor should I consult for hip pain?

An orthopedic surgeon is a specialist who can treat bone and joint problems and cure hip pain. If you are having pain in your hip that has not resolved over time, you can contact Cure My Knee. We provide you with hip replacement surgeon in South Delhi having major experience in treating bone and joint deformities.

What is the time required to complete a hip replacement surgery?

Time taken for hip replacement surgery can be variable depending upon the type of problem, the severity of the problem and the prior medical condition of the patient. But on average, hip replacement surgery can take 60 to 90 minutes for both hips.

What is the total time taken to recover from hip replacement surgery?

The average time taken by a patient to recover from hip replacement surgery is 3 to 4 weeks. The recovery time can differ from patient to patient depending on various factors such as the type of surgery, the health of the patient and the age of the patient.

When can I walk after hip replacement surgery?

Generally, some patients take 2 to 3 days for walking after the surgery but Cure My Knee helps a patient to walk just the next day after the surgery.

When can I use a normal toilet after hip replacement?

It is suggested to use toilet equipment till 1-2 months after the hip replacement surgery as your hips need to be elevated more than your knee after sitting. You can use a normal toilet after you are fully recovered.

For how many days I will stay in the hospital after Hip replacement Surgery?

Generally, patients are hospitalized for 3 to 5 days depending on the type of surgery, patient health and their recovery.