Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. D.K Das

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 23 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS
    • MS (Ortho)
    • M.Ch (Ortho)
    • Fellowship in Joint Replacement (Exeter, United Kingdom)
  • Location: South Delhi
  • #1 best knee replacement surgeon in delhi A well-experienced orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon with areas of expertise including joint deformities and pain management. He has worked in various prestigious hospitals.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Pradeep Sharma

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 37 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS
    • MS (Ortho)
    • MCh(Ortho)
    • Fellowship
  • Location: South Delhi
  • Dr. Pradeep Sharma is an top orthopedic & Knee surgeon in delhi with more than 37 years of experience. His areas of specialty are Joint Replacement Surgery of the Hip & Knee and Trauma Surgery. MBBS, M.S. (Orth), McH from the United Kingdom
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. PS Gill

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 28 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS - University of Delhi, 1986
    • MS - Orthopaedics - University of Delhi, 1990
  • Location : South Delhi
  • Dr. PS Gill is a trauma & joint replacement surgeon in delhi with 28+ years of experience. He has performed more than 6000 knee and hip replacement arthroplasties.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Neelabh Verma

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 22Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS - Patna Medical College, Patna, 1990
    • D.Ortho - King George Medical College, Lucknow, 1995
    • DNB (Ortho) - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, 1997
    • Fellowship Spinal Surgery - Bordeaux, France, 2004
  • Location: West Delhi
  • Has more than 24 years of experience as a Orthopaedic. Dr. Neelabh Verma also specializes in Orthopaedic, Neurospine Surgeon, Knee Replacement Doctor in Delhi.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Ashish Dewan

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 22 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS, 1995, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
    • MS, 1999, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi
    • MCh, 2012, American Academy
    • Fellowship, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia
    • Fellowship, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, US
  • Location: New Delhi
  • A well-known Orthopedic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Specialist renowned nationally & internationally for his contributions to teaching, research, and excellent operating skills. He has performed more than 3000 joint replacement surgeries including complex primaries and revision total joint replacement.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr A. K. Agarwal

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 31Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : M.B.B.S. (Gold Medalist), M.S., M. Ch.(Ortho.)
  • Location: Kanpur
  • Possess twenty years of experience in Orthopedics, Orating, Teaching & Managing hospitals. He does an average of 100 surgeries independently per month in his present hospital. Best Orthopedic & Knee Surgeon in kanpur
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Anuj Malhotra

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 15 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MS. Orthopaedics, Shri B.M.Patil Medical College, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India (2007)
    • M.B.B.S, G.S.V.M, Medical College, C.S.J.M University, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India (2001)
    • IOA WOC SICOT Fellow (2010)
    • Fellowship in Hip & Knee Surgeries, HSS New York (2017)
  • Location: Rohini, Delhi
  • Has experience of 14 years in this field. Some of the services provided by the doctor are External fixator, Wrist problems, Skeletal Muscle Therapy, Disk slip, Musculoskeletal Pain Management, etc.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Kamal Dureja

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 32 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS(1977-1982) from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.
    • M.S. (Orthopedics) Gold medalist 1987 from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
  • Location: North Delhi & South Delhi
  • Has 32 years of experience in Orthopedics with a special interest in Foot and Ankle Surgeries, and has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in his field.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Rahul Khot

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 16 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : M.B.B.S., DNB(Ortho)
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Has been professionally active in many ways and has treated many patients till now. He has 16 years of experience and he is based in Mumbai.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Sudeep Jain

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 18 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : MBBS, MS(Ortho), M.Ch(Ortho)
  • Location: New Delhi
  • One of the top doctors in the country, DR. Sudeep Jain has made a niche for himself as an eminent spine surgeon. Dr. Jain, who has put more than 13 years of experience behind him, has performed thousands of surgeries in India and abroad.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Gagan Kansal

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 10 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : M.B.B.S., DNB, M.Ch(Ortho)
  • Location: Sonipat
  • Has an experience of 9 years in this field. Dr. Gagan Kansal practices at Tulip Multispeciality Hospital in Delhi Road, Sonipat.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Vikas Mehra

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 30 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : M.B.B.S., M.S.(Ortho) DNB, MNAMS
  • Location: Chandigarh
  • Has performed around fifty thousand Orthopedic surgeries and has done complicated hip, shoulder, and knee replacements as well as fracture and spine surgeries. He also performs arthroscopy for sports injury.
Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Delhi
Dr. Anuj Chawla

Knee Replacement Surgeon - 18 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education : M.B.B.S., M.S.(Ortho) DNB, MNAMS
  • Location: Gurgaon
  • Dr. Chawla has diverse local as well as overseas experience in managing most orthopedic problems including trauma, arthroplasty as well as arthroscopy. With regards to foot and ankle conditions, he has extensive experience in managing both foot and ankle trauma as well as atraumatic conditions.
Knee Replacement Surgeon
Dr. O. P Gupta

Knee Replacement Surgeon 16 Yrs. Exp.

  • Education :
    • MBBS
    • MS (Ortho)
    • PDSF, FISS (USA), FESS (South Korea)
    • Fellowship in Endoscopic and Microscopic Spine Surgery
    • New York (USA), Los Angeles (California), SEOUL (South Korea)
  • Location: Gurgaon
  • Dr. O. P Gupta is a highly specialized and experienced Orthopedist, Joint Replacement Surgeon, and Spine Surgeon with extensive experience and exposure to all kinds of ailment cases for 16 years.

The hip joint is a type of ball and socket joint that gives stability to the body needed to bear body weight while allowing mobility.

The hip joint is articulated between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. The acetabulum is a cup-like depression covered by the articular cartilage. The cavity of the acetabulum is deepened by the acetabular labrum which is a fibrocartilaginous collar. The head of the femur is a hemispherical structure that articulates with the acetabulum of the pelvis. The articular capsule of the hip joint is attached to the margin of the acetabulum proximally and is strong and dense.

Ligaments of the hip joint

Ligaments of the hip joint

The ligaments of the hip joint increase stability and are of two types intracapsular and extracapsular. The intracapsular ligament is relatively small and runs from the acetabular fossa to the fovea of the femur. The Intracapsular ligament is innervated by a branch of the obturator artery. The Extracapsular ligament constitutes 3 main structures which lie in continuous with the outer surface of the articular capsule. Iliofemoral ligament is a “Y” shaped structure that helps prevent hyperextension of the hip joint. The pubofemoral ligament runs through the capsule anteriorly and inferiorly and prevents excessive abduction and extension. The Ischiofemoral ligament reinforces the capsule posteriorly and prevents hyperextension of the hip while holding the femoral head in the acetabulum.

Neurovascular supply

The hip joint is innervated with Medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries which anastomoses at the base of the femoral neck to form a ring. Three nerves called Sciatic, femoral and obturator nerves innervate the hip joint and also the knee. This is the reason why pain can be experienced in the knee from the hip and vice versa.

Common causes of Hip Pain:

When do you need a Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Total hip replacement surgery is recommended in a condition where an individual experience:

The procedure followed in total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement surgery takes only a few hours. During the surgery your orthopedic surgeon:

  • Makes an incision through the layers of tissue, on the front or side of your hip.
  • After which, the surgeon removes the diseased and damaged parts of bone and cartilage and replace them with implants leaving healthy bone intact.
  • An artificial Prosthetic socket is implanted into the pelvic bone, after replacing the damaged socket and the round ball is replaced with a prosthetic ball along with a stem that fits into the thigh bone.

Over time the techniques for hip replacement are constantly updated and nowadays orthopedic surgeons are using less invasive and computer-assisted techniques to reduce the recovery time and pain due to Total hip replacement surgery .

How successful is Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

The success rate of total hip replacement surgery is extremely high. It is the most performed surgery and more than 90% and patients undergoing this surgery experience relief and improved quality of life from hip pain. In case of implant wear and aseptic loosening, a patient can also undergo revision hip replacement surgery.

Cost of Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Cure My Knee offers low-cost Hip replacement surgery in India. The below table shows the approximate cost of hip replacement surgery .

Type of Surgery Approx. cost
Unilateral Total Hip Replacement 1 lakh + Implant cost
Bilateral Total Hip Replacement 1.8 lakhs + Implant cost

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