Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is most performed in India, in which the damaged portion of the hip like the pelvis and femur are removed and replaced with artificial implants. Hip replacement surgery in Delhi India and its cost is one of the most competitive in the world. Because of the reasonable price of hip replacement surgery in Delhi India many patients across western countries prefer to travel the country and get hip replacement surgery done. Apart from the cost of hip replacement surgery, other factors that lure patients for the surgery are zero waiting time and immediate treatment.

In India, the average cost of a single hip replacement starts from 1 lakh excluding implant cost. Whereas the cost for bilateral or double hip replacement is around 1.8 lakh – 3 lakh depending upon the implant cost.

Factors that may affect hip replacement cost in Delhi India include the following:

  • Type of hospital you choose.
  • Location: Treatment in urban areas is comparatively higher when compared to rural or semi-urban areas.
  • Doctor’s experience and background
  • Type of implant used during the surgery.
  • Type of procedure implemented (open surgery/ minimally invasive laser surgery/ robotic surgery
  • Type of surgery partial hip replacement or total hip replacement

If you are looking for a low-cost hip replacement in Delhi India. Then try contacting Cure My Knee, a Delhi based organization, where you will be treated under the best hip replacement surgeons in Delhi and India.

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